Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship and Registration Information

Q: Do you have to have a scholarship to attend?

A.) Yes, scholarships they are necessary to attend the 2018 Spring Youth Forum.

Q: What is the cost to attend?

A.) Due to DSHS/DBHR sponsorships for the event, the event is available to approved teams at no cost. It is necessary for all teams to complete a scholarship form and be approved before a team may register. No attendance is permissible without a scholarship.

Q: How do I modify our team registration (for cancellations, substitutions, and adding additional registrants)? Only the Team Adult Advisor may do this and it must be completed no later than April 24, 2018.

A.) See steps below:

  1. Follow this link:  (link will be provided soon).
  2. Click on Modify Registration to change or edit someone’s registration.
  3. Put in the email address of your Team Academic Advisor (TAA) and the team name. The team name must be complete and not short-handed. For example, Spring Youth Forum team instead of SYF team.
  4. You will come to the “Additional Attendees” page where you will select which registrant you would like to edit by clicking the edit icon to the right of the registrant name.
  5. You may also add more registrants by completing the bottom half of this page that will then take you through a new registrant for that individual.
  6. By clicking the edit icon it will prompt you to continue through all questions in which you can change any information you would like.
  7. After editing the registrant you would like, please click “Complete Registration.”
  8. This will take you to the new “Registration Record” page where you are able to print each individual confirmation by clicking the print icon to the right of the registrant name.

Team Adult Advisors/Chaperones

Q: What role does the Team Adult Advisor have?

A: The Team Adult Advisor, in addition to the roles of a chaperone, is the contact for all communication received from the Spring Youth Forum committee (i.e., travel, team acceptance, team questions, presentation information, and needs, etc).

Q: Do we need to complete any forms after registering for the Forum?

A: Yes. Please visit the Forms and Downloads page of the website for more information. There are forms/guidelines for both adults and youth participating as teams at the Spring Youth Forum.

Q: Are Continuing Education Hours or Credits available?

A: No, this is a youth-focused event. Everyone will receive certificates of attendance, but no hours will be available.

Team Information

Q: Are scholarships available?

A: Yes, scholarships will be available in 2018. Please complete a Scholarship Application.

Q: Is it okay for a newly-formed youth group/team to attend the Spring Youth Forum even though they have not completed a project together?

A: No, teams must have completed a project by the time they attend the Spring Youth Forum in order to share and report regarding the full project and outcomes.

Q: Is my team too small? Too big?

A: A team can be as small as one (1) youth and one (1) Chaperone and as large as six (6) youth and two (2) chaperones. Remember, for every three youth, there must be at least one adult.

Q: Can our team apply for more than one chaperone per three youth (in reference to the 3:1 ratio of youth to chaperones)?

A: No. The ratio is minimum and maximum 3 youth to 1 chaperone. For 1-3 youth, a team may only apply to bring 1 chaperone; for 4-6 youth, a team must apply to bring 2 chaperones. Teams larger than this are only awarded requests on the basis of the request and the application score.

Q: If I have a large team that has members from several different schools or organizations, do I submit one registration for the whole team or separate registrations for each school/organization?

A: Please submit only one registration per team no matter how large the team may be or if members are from different schools and organizations. Note: The maximum number for a team is six (6) youth and two (2) adults.


Q: Can our team present on more than one (1) project?

A: Teams at the Spring Youth Forum must present on one project (although the “project” may involve multiple “tasks”). Presentations and scholarship applications should involve one project. Please ensure your team reflects the data for your project on the Scholarship Application for review. “Project” may include more than one event/task; that is, in order to achieve a project goal, you may have more than one event, but all of the events assist in the desired outcome for the project. Finally, remember you only have a short time to present so be sure to be clear, concise, and focused (e.g. discuss and give examples regarding the project goal, objectives, description, outcomes, impact, etc.).

Q: What is the maximum amount of time for our team presentation?

A: 8 minutes

Q: Does our team have to create an electronic presentation (for example, PowerPoint)?

A: No, this is not a requirement. Please feel free to create presentations that suit the team’s personality and the audience; such as: skits, group work, interactive presentations, singing, music, discussion, drama etc. Electronic (for example, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF slideshow) formats for presentations are NOT a requirement. For more details on audiovisual, please see “Does Your Team Have Special Presentation Need?” by visiting Presentation.

Q: What will the teams be judged on?

A: Teams will be judged on five (5) criteria relating to their project: application, team on-site voting, and adult (not members of teams) on-site voting. For more information, please see Judging Process & Awards

Additional Participants/Guests

Q: Can family/guests attend (those who did not receive a scholarship and just want to be present)?

A: No. It is of primary importance that as many youth teams are able to participate as possible, with as many youth participating as possible. Due to fire marshal codes and capacity limitations, only those who are receiving a scholarship may attend. Rooms, food or waterpark passes will not be made available to those not participating in the event (those who are not receiving a scholarship).