Judging Process & Awards

Presentation Categories, Voting and Scoring Process

Each team attending the Spring Youth Forum will be assigned to breakout rooms for the initial round of presentations. Each team will have 8 minutes to present their completed project. Teams will vote on presentations immediately following each team presentation.

Five categories all teams will be scored on:

  • Innovation: Project is unique, creative and innovative. Presentation clearly details what new and exciting ideas, techniques or activities have been implemented.
  • Sustainability: Project includes steps the Youth Team has taken to keep this project sustained when the core group graduates. How does the team make sure that this can be replicated year-to-year no matter which group of students is participating?
  • Impact: Project has broad outreach. Team can demonstrate the impact that occurred as a result of this project. Did the team use an evidence-based prevention program or approach?
  • Presentation Style & Professionalism: Youth Team presentation is easy to follow and clearly communicated.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Youth Team describes collaborations/partnerships with other local groups, organizations or agencies that the team developed to increase the impact of this project.

Scoring and Voting:

  • Team applications will be scored on the quality and completeness of the team’s application. (25 percent on team application prior to Spring Youth Forum)
  • After each presentation, adult judges and youth teams will score the presenting team on the five categories.
  • Teams will vote as one. (50 percent on team voting on-site)
  • Adult judges not affiliated with any competing youth team will vote in both the preliminary and final rounds of the presentation competition.  (25 percent on adult judging on-site)

Scale: Youth prevention teams will receive one ballot per team (team = Youth + Team Adult Advisor) to vote on each presentation in the preliminary and final rounds. Youth teams will not vote on their own presentations. Youth will assess each team by category on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being “poor” and 10 being “excellent.”


Awards will be given to the seven presentation room winners, the grand prize winner as well as the five voting criteria category winners. Teams will not be awarded multiple awards. In the event a team wins in two or more categories they will receive the highest rated award and the award for any other category will go to the team with the next highest eligible score.

Room winners:

  • Winning teams from each of the seven rooms will proceed to the final round of the competition where they will conduct their 8-minute presentation again for all participants in the Spring Youth Forum.
  • Final round voting will follow the same procedure as the first round.
  • Scorecards will be collected and compiled after each presentation but voting results will not be revealed to the entire room until the awards ceremony. In the case of a tie, winners will be decided by a simple majority vote with each team casting one vote.

Category Winners:

Prizes will also be provided to the teams with the highest average scores in each of the five categories: innovation, sustainability, impact, presentation style/professionalism and collaboration/partnerships.

Grand Prize:

Teams will have the opportunity to share their projects and learn from others’ projects. There will also be an opportunity to earn great prizes including a grand prize of scholarship assistance to attend the CADCA Leadership Forum in 2020, or another approved leadership conference. In the event a team cannot receive the award or does not return the signed Award Letter within 30 days following the conference, the prize will be awarded to the second place team or the next qualified team. The team accepting the grand prize must meet with HCA/DBHR representatives within two weeks (10 business days) following the Spring Youth Forum, to finalize award documentation and discuss policies, reporting requirements and logistics regarding the Grand Prize Award.

The category winners, room winners, and grand prize winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony. Teams must participate all day to be a category winner or grand prize winner!