Rules of Participation

Rules of Participation

We have been provided a unique opportunity to sponsor the Spring Youth Forum in order to provide a forum in which youth teams may showcase their projects and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts in substance abuse prevention and related subjects.

The Committee hopes that all individuals attending enjoy their experience and will participate fully in the entire program. All participants will show respect and receive respect from others while participating in the Spring Youth Forum.

The following rules of participation are intended to aide in creating a supportive atmosphere of respect and learning.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • All teams must attend and be punctual to assigned presentations and any scheduled program sessions at the Spring Youth Forum. In the event a team does not participate in the entirety of the program (from start to finish); is not punctual to all team presentations; and/or does not attend all team presentations during preliminary and final rounds, a team may be disqualified from winning any award or points may be subtracted from a team’s final score.
  • A team will have one (1) point subtracted from their “professionalism” score for every five minutes they are late to any sessions. Time will be rounded to the nearest five minutes.
  • A team that is not present for a significant portion of the program may be sent home at their own expense.


  • Teams will not be awarded multiple awards. In the event that a team wins in two or more categories they will receive the highest rated award and the award for any other category will go to the team with the next highest eligible score.

Grand Prize

  • In the event a team cannot receive the award or does not return the signed Award Letter within 30 days following the conference the prize will be awarded to the second place team, or the next qualified team.
  • The team accepting the grand prize must meet with DBHR representatives within two weeks (10 business days) following the Youth Forum, to finalize award documentation and discuss policies, reporting requirements and logistics regarding the Grand Prize Award.